Here’s a week-by-week guide to how you can partner with families in your church to help families in Uganda this Christmas and how to be a part of Orange and Compassion International’s H2GO! Initiative.

Ready . . . set . . . H2GO! We’re so excited to be partnering with Compassion International to provide water filters for families in Uganda and other developing countries who don’t have access to clean water. And we think it’s a fantastic way for your families to learn cooperation: Working together to do more than they can do alone! If you haven’t already, take a look at the H2GO! Leader Kit on the download matrix, along with the extra Parent CUE. You’ll also find several short videos to help your kids and families understand what it means to live without clean water. And yes, the world’s greatest Scottish rapper M.C. Haggis makes his H2GO! debut, too!

November, Week 3
Are you ready for H2GO!? While we suggest you officially launch the project next weekend following Thanksgiving, we know that schedules for both churches and families can be as nutty as a fruitcake this time of year! You may wish to give your families an extra week by launching this weekend instead—especially if you know a lot of families will be out of town over Thanksgiving.

November, Week 4
! . . . And we’re off! If you’re participating in our clean water project with Compassion International, make sure your families know that THEY are the heart of the process. Encourage them to set aside a special time to use the H2GO! Parent CUE so they can plan ways—as a family—to raise money for water filters and clean water.

December, Week 1
If you’re participating in H2GO!, make sure to get your kids excited! We’ve provided some special water experiments to do with your preschoolers to get them thinking about water and why then need it.

December, Week 2
Track your progress! If you’re participating in H2GO!, make sure you’ve got a fun, visual way to show how far you’ve come—and how far you hope to go! If any of your kids or families come up with particularly creative ways to raise money, share those ideas with everyone.

December, Week 3
Are you still H2GOing? The next three weeks will be packed with Christmas projects, festivities and travel, but keep your families focused on what really matters—passing on the gift of life that God has given to us! Giving clean water is an amazing opportunity to open someone’s heart to hear God’s story.

December, Week 4
Merry Christmas! You’ve probably got a lot of kids out and a lot of visitors in this week. If you’re participating in our H2GO! partnership with Compassion, encourage visitors and those who don’t often come to church to be a part of the clean water solution too. Even a few pennies can make a difference!

December, Week 5
We know that a lot churches take fifth weeks—especially one during the holidays!—to do something a little different. If you’ve been participating in H2GO!, this is a great time to collect final donations and share stories about the process.

January, Week 1
It’s time to celebrate work well done! If your families collected funds for our H2GO! partnership with Compassion, announce the final tally this week—and celebrate! Invite families to share their stories. And if someone promised to get dunked when a certain level of funds were raised—now is the time to get soaked!

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