This is a guest post by our First Look Friend, Tracy Stonecheck, who has worked with North Point Ministries for many years in multiple roles including Director of Waumba Land at Browns Bridge Community Church.

One of the most asked questions that I get from other church leaders is, “How do you get volunteers?” I wish that I could give you a quick answer, but recruiting volunteers—the right volunteers—requires a plan. This plan is on-going and requires a bit of work. When done correctly, you will notice that you retain a lot of volunteers year after year and that those volunteers recruit for you!

  • Have your lead pastor devote a Sunday or part of a Sunday to making an announcement about the importance/need for volunteers. It starts from the top!
  • Have orientations in place so that you can cast vision and set these new volunteers up for success. They should have clear expectations so that they know what they are getting into, and you get the best volunteer.
  • Allow these volunteers to apprentice for at least two weeks to make sure they are a good fit for your environment. If you place the right people in the right position, this is a “win” for all.
  • Follow up with these new volunteers. Make sure they are happy in their new role and answer any questions they might have.
  • Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate. Make sure to let them know that you value them through cards, emails, food, sharing stories, etc.
  • On-going training. Schedule trainings/meetings at least twice a year to allow you to develop them and continue to cast vision.

The right volunteer is out there. You have to be patient and particular. After all, you want the best volunteer for your environment. You don’t want just anyone filling a spot!