Are you ready to change how you play the game?

What is that one idea, that one key difference, that could be a game changer for your ministry?

Maybe there was an idea that ignited something within you at The Orange Conference. Or maybe it’s something that you’ve thought about for months, but just aren’t sure how to take the next step.

We’ve debuted some new resources at Orange 2012 that may help. Here are just a few we want to highlight for our First Look friends.

Parenting is Wonderful by Sue Miller and Holly Delich
By making them laugh and cry (at the same time), Sue Miller’s newest book introduces new parents to the WONDER of parenthood in a whimsical way. Full of real-life stories, humorous quotes, and words of encouragement, this book is a great way to introduce parents to the idea of partnering right from the start.

Whoooo Loves You CD
Our latest preschool worship CD introduces listeners to Ollie the Owl, who teaches them three basic truths—God made me; God loves me; Jesus wants to be my friend forever—through his favorite songs. Sure to be an instant hit with any preschooler, Whoooo Loves You will have them dancing in their car seats.

Surviving to Thriving: Successfully Including Children with Special Needs by Amy Fenton Lee
This DVD offers practical ideas to help you in serving children with special needs. From creating a schedule to sharing the Bible story, this resource will give you best practices in keeping kids engaged and helping them retain the lesson.

First Look Toddler Posters 2012-2013
Each poster displays simple, engaging activities that your volunteers and staff can do with children younger than two, along with the Basic Truth, Bottom Line, and Bible words for the month’s corresponding First Look curriculum. This bundle contains 12 posters—one for each month of the year from September 2012 to August 2013.

First Look Basic Truth Posters 2012-2013
The First Look Basic Truths Posters enhance your preschool environment, as well as reinforce the three basic truths for parents. This bundle consists of three 24” x 36” posters: God Loves Me, God Made Me, and Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever.

Amber Sky Gift Card – $5, $10 and $15 quantities
Amber Sky Records is a great place where you can download kids’ music for both church and home. These gift cards are a wonderful tool to hand out to kids and families!

Parent Cue Magnet
These fun Cue Magnets are a great giveaway for families. Use them to keep First Look and 252 Parent Cues on the fridge where families can be reminded to use everyday moments to connect with their child about spiritual truths. Sold in packs of five.


For more information or to purchase these resources, visit the Orange Store.