Have you ever watched a movie without the movie score in it? It’s really amazing. It turns a favorite movie into a very . . . mundane, boring experience. Which is odd. Because, usually, when you are watching a movie, you rarely find yourself saying, ”My goodness I love this music.” Normally, you are transfixed on the story, the characters, or the action that is hitting the screen in front of you. I mean, you are WATCHING something. Not listening to a movie. Right? Right?
I think it’s wrong. And, I think one of the most vital elements to any live production or video project is SOUND.
For starters, if you can’t understand the actors and what they are saying, why even bother watching? You won’t be able to follow what is going on (unless you have subtitles or enjoy the opera). Secondly, sound effects can greatly enhance moments in movies by making scenes more exciting, creepy, or light. And, finally, the biggest sound that is most effective (and honestly, my favorite) is music. Music happens to be the single most powerful element to any production, whether it’s on film or live.
Music can add a layer of emotion that can help the audience along. Music can instantly transform an entire audience’s expectation of what’s about to happen. Music can fill gaps when nothing else is happening but make it FEEL like something is.
To prove my point, I have added some sound effects for two of my favorite characters I have ever written for. They are both WORD characters that are performed in the Family Experience.
Sam Shovel Announcer Sam Shovel-Sam’s Monologues Sam Shovel-Sam’s Monologue (Drums Only)
Fancy Grace Announcer Fancy Grace-Long Fancy Grace-Closer
If you don’t already use sound effects when performing these characters, try using these small bits and see if it makes a difference in delivery, intensity, and presentation. And, if you use Apple’s Garage band, you’ll find these same types of music transitions incredibly easy to make for other parts of your production. Enjoy!