Every year we review the 252 Basics scope and cycle. We wrestle with the Life Apps and ask many questions about the stories and principles we cover over a given three-year period. We want to be sure that our scope and cycle is the most strategic way you can implement Orange Curriculum with kids, and—more importantly—best share God’s big story with them.
The scope and cycle not only shows what stories we’ll tell but also visualizes how often we strategically return to certain stories. Some are obvious: Christmas and Easter fall on the calendar every year. Others are simply important: Moses was a man who showed us DETERMINATION and what it means to show COURAGE in the face of extreme situations. He’s key to the big story God is telling, so Moses might show up a few times in a three-year cycle. This curriculum year, we’re excited to announce a few specific things.

Summer 2013: Base Camp
Starting with our Summer 2013 series, Base Camp, we’re kicking off the start of a new three-year scope and cycle for 252 Basics.
Base Camp is a two-month series on the 3 Basics discovered through Luke 2:52—Wisdom, Faith, and Friendship. Each week, we’ll explore what God is doing in us to change the world around us. We want kids to have what they need for the journey of life ahead of them. Learn more about what to expect with this two-month series here.

2013-2014 School Year
Then starting in August, we’ll begin the first year of a new scope and cycle. For this year, we’ll follow the timeline of God’s big story. Throughout the year, we’ll highlight key people, stories, and principles that share God’s plan for us. Each month will tie the story or principle to the six ages of God’s One Big Story: The Magnificent Paradise, The Broken World, The Lost Tribes, The Promised One, The Shining Witnesses, or The New City. These six ages serve as the anchor points for kids to attach the stories they’re experiencing each week.
If you like the idea of following the timeline of the Bible, you might also want to check out our new One Big Story curriculum.
We’re excited about how God will use the timeless truth of His story to help kids know Jesus this coming year!