parent and child opening vbs in a box

VBS . . . Summer Camp . . . KidWeek . . . Extreme Summer . . .

Whatever your children’s ministry calls it, there are so many different names and ways to experience it. All of these events have the same goal—for kids to come to know Jesus and grow in a deeper relationship with Him. However, last year everything changed for all of us when we had to figure out how to do these virtually or adapted. Many of us created VBS take-home kits for families to complete together at home. It makes me think of how God intended for family discipleship to happen. The goal of sending home VBS in a box is to put spiritual guidance tools in the hands of parents to help them lead their children.

Below are some ways to packed your VBS take-home boxes to make them engaging and exciting:

VBS Take-Home Boxes



Pack each day’s material together in the VBS take-home kit and make it as much of a surprise as possible. You want anticipation to build and kids to be excited to open each day’s materials. We packed each day’s materials in tissue paper so the kids couldn’t see what was inside. Our families loved this.  Some of them would make their kids wait until the morning of to open it, or let them unpack everything the night before so they could see what they’d be doing the next day. It was so fun to watch our families get creative with this and enjoy VBS in a box together!



You can either use the virtual options Orange has or adapt the in-person material so the parent does it with the kids instead of the Small Group Leader. This is one of our favorite things we do with VBS in a box to help our parents win. We choose two activities from the small group material for that child’s age group and just rewrite the material to be specific for one or two kids and the parent to lead.



Depending on the amount of participants you have for VBS, you can either hand deliver the VBS take-home boxes or have participants pick them up. If possible, drop off the VBS take-home kits to your families’ houses in-person. This is such a special and personal touch! However, if you’re like us, and that just isn’t possible due to the number of families that sign up, you can have families sign up for a time slot to show up to the church. Once they arrived, we placed their VBS in a box in their cars. It’s important to make it a big deal and celebrate these families like crazy since most of them aren’t back in-person with us yet.



Find ways each day to put a little surprise in the VBS take-home box for the kids to find. This could be as simple as a snack or Play-Doh. Put a little note on the surprise saying how much you miss them and you’re praying for them. These personal touches go a long way—not just with the kids, but even more so with the parents.


Questions for Your VBS in a Box

The questions you have to ask yourself when creating, packing, and innovating with these VBS take-home boxes are . . .

  • Am I doing something that will help families win?
  • Is the Gospel being heard?
  • Is it easy enough for them to do on their own without my guidance?
  • How can we as the church come alongside them to help?


We want families to continue to win and to see the great things that can happen this summer—whether it’s a VBS in person or VBS in a box. And, whatever it looks like, be encouraged: God is going to use you for His Kingdom to impact churches and communities with the Gospel! You’ve got this!

To learn about how to make a Family VBS model like this work for your church, check out this blog on Family VBS!