First Look Orange Specialists get this question a lot. Preschool leaders often wonder if there is anything for them at Orange. Is there a good reason they should spend the time and money it takes to travel to Atlanta and be around some of the best children’s ministry leaders in the world. The answer is: ABSOLUTELY, YES!

So RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest computer and sign up. (You’re going to want a computer and not a mobile device so you can see the awesomeness of the site better.) Once you are there, go to and click around.

If this is your first time attending Orange Conference, we’ve got some tools to help you choose your breakouts. Go to the “Workshops” page. There is a first-timers guide just for preschool leaders! In addition, there is a general guide for anyone attending Orange Conference for the very first time. You can find it on the bottom left of the page. Go ahead and download that page.

For those of you who have attended Orange, you’re wondering why you should come back. Am I right? There are so many NEW things happening at OC13 (that’s our Twitter hashtag by the way: #OC13) that you’re going to have a hard time choosing. We have new breakouts just for preschool leaders like “Designing a Lead Small Curriculum for Your Preschool Ministry” and “Successfully Partnering with Parents of Preschoolers.” To find out more about all the breakouts geared for you, the preschool leader, choose the  “Preschool Ministry” on the workshops page. You will be so excited by what you see there.

There are more fabulous workshops available on Wednesday during our pre-conference day. We even have a three-hour “Preschool Orange Interactive” where yours truly will be helping the First Look Orange Specialist Team lead you through all things First Look.

But Orange Conference isn’t just about workshops. It’s hearing from some amazing speakers from the main stage and refilling your cup so you can return home excited and equipped to lead your preschool team. It’s about worshiping with thousands of men and women who love the Lord as much as you and want to share that with the next generation. And, it’s about meeting and learning from those who are in the trenches just like you. When you look at The Orange Conference schedule, you’ll see that we’ve provided time for each of those.

So really, the question isn’t, “Should I attend Orange Conference?” The question is, “Why wouldn’t you?”

Looking forward to seeing you in April!


Register for only $279—a $40 savings off of the regular registration rate of $319! Additionally, you will receive a $50 credit toward the purchase of First Look preschool curriculum, 252 Basics children’s curriculum, XP3 Students curriculum, XP3 College curriculum or YouLead for the first four registrations, up to $200. For complete details, please visit the Pricing page on