This is the second post in our series about how and why we do small groups. Missed Part 1? Read it here.

We don’t want to just inform kids or share information—but join God in His mission to transform us—so that we’re more like His Son, Jesus, through the help of the Holy Spirit, knowing He’s alive and at work inside us. Our curriculum name comes from Luke 2:52 where we learn that Jesus grew in this way as well.
To help you engage kids and build relationships with them, when we create our activities we keep several things in mind:

  1. All kids don’t learn the same way. Some learn best by listening, others by reading, still others by doing—through a hands-on experience or game. So, we offer a variety—a buffet of options, if you will—from creative or crafty activities, to science experiments as an object lesson, to role playing, musical and fun games.
  2. Activities can be high energy, low energy or neutral. There needs to be activities every week to help kids use their natural and contagious energy, as well as intentional times when the pace is slower and quieter, so kids can calmly talk, think or pray.
  3. Some of the best activities don’t require a lot of supplies or prep. For at least two of our activities in each age group, we keep it simple. You might just have discussion questions or need paper and pens or a Bible. This is especially helpful if you’re in a mobile space, bringing everything with you and hauling it back out, or if budget is tight. But make sure to occasionally surprise the kids and have “special,” more involved activities too.