This is the fourth post in our series about how and why we do Small Groups. Catch up on Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4.

Something you’ll notice sometimes in the parenthesis after the name of the activity besides the four categories (Bible story review; memory verse review; application; and prayer) is the phrase “Great for Boys.” Basically, this highlights that this will be active and more high-energy than other options.
In bold, at least once in each week’s Small Group activities, you’ll also see a prompt to Personalize. We know how important it is for kids to not only hear the stories of people in the Bible, but of leaders they know. This is your chance to share in age-appropriate ways how you’ve learned or processed some of the things you’re discussing. Kids need to know that our faith is a journey and that we really don’t arrive—we’re always learning and trusting that God is working to make us more like Him. You can model this by sharing from the heart.
If you have 5th Graders—don’t miss the optional bullet point list of additional Discussion Questions that are more open-ended to help these older kids think through the concepts in ways that challenge and stretch them.
Lastly, if you have a ministry of less than 25 kids, we’d encourage you to check out the Compact Version of our Small Group activities. You may not have enough kids or leaders to divide them out by ages like K/1, 2/3 and 4/5. So, we’ve gone through and selected the best of the best for a wide-range of age groups each week—with the same basic format or Plug In and Catch on, Bible Story Review, Memory Verse and Application. But we’ve put modifications right there to make it better for younger, non-readers and easy ways to adapt for older kids that need more—often with very few other supplies or prep needed. That way no matter who shows up, you’re ready and can adapt quickly.