As a kid, I had a fascination with miniatures: tiny porcelain animals. Bonsai trees. The petite, twisted spritz cookies my mom made. From my four-foot vantage point, small was intriguing; all the good stuff boiled down to something you could fit in the palm of your hand or lift on a finger.
At Orange, we’ve started thinking small, too. We’ve always promoted small groups, but we’re preparing to make even greater investments in helping you take your children’s ministry, whatever size, and “shrink it” to the point where every child can connect in deep, meaningful relationships. We believe it’s possible, whether you have 25 kids or 2,500!
But WHY is small so vital? My husband and I saw this played out firsthand when we first moved to Georgia three years ago. We were invited by friends to visit a small church plant meeting in a storefront on the town square. We loved the teaching, loved the sense that the church had a finger on the pulse of the community. And we felt welcomed, too: lots of warm smiles and “hellos” every time we walked in. Lots of talk about community and life-giving relationships. But after six months, even though the entire church body was only 150 people, we still felt new. We still felt like we were floating on the fringe without any real connection. In fact, we almost left.
What changed? The church committed to small groups. We stepped into a marriage group and within weeks, felt like our new church was home. The discipline of meeting together regularly with a consistent group, with people who were growing to know us at a far deeper level than Sunday morning, revolutionized our church experience.
We stayed. We’ve been part of several small groups, both as leaders and members, and continue to find small group to be our key connection to the church.
The same thing is true for your children’s ministry. Even if you consider yourself a small church or children’s ministry already, challenge yourself to think small(er). We promise: it will be big.
Does your church think small? What are your biggest “small” wins?