Feature Presentation is a monthly DVD that can be used in your Large Group environment to amplify the story. There are two videos for each week: 252 Story, a simple telling of the Bible story with a professional Storyteller and illustrations; and 252 Movie, a fully dramatized presentation of the story. Learn all the details of Feature Presentation here.
252 Movie uses a host of zany characters to dramatize the week’s Bible story, but we wonder which is the fan favorite. After much debate, here are the staff picks for favorite recurring characters.
#3: Kelly, host of The Kelly Show
Kelly brings Bible stories to life with the help of her incredible acting talent, her studio audience of stuffed animals, and her meddlesome little brother, Kevin. We love that kids can relate to a young person who’s excited about the Bible.
#2: Wally and Nort
These guys are time traveling fools. They’re silly, simple and innocent. When they discover something about the Bible, they don’t just find it interesting, they find it TOTALLY MIND BLOWING. Sometimes we wish we were a little more like Wally and Nort.
#1: Harvey “The Brick” Brikowski and Mickey Hutch
These are our resident sports anchors, “The Brick” being a retired pro wrestler along with a number of other mundane day jobs over the years. They comment on biblical events as if they are sporting events. These two have a fun relationship and help us teach that God’s outcome is often different than we might expect.
Do you agree with our picks? Who’s your vote for favorite Feature Presentation character?
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Special thanks to Jon Williams and Brandon O’Dell for helping craft these descriptions.