The summer months are quickly approaching. I know it from the fabulous frappuccino happy hours at Starbucks, the climbing temperatures, and the mass exodus I feel knowing so many of my volunteers are taking the summer off as families are booking vacations left and right!
In years passed this time has left me stressed and weary of what that meant for the children’s ministry in my church.   It’s time to rethink this feeling. Let’s be proactive and turn our kid min summer blues into cues!
If we know our families are going to be gone a lot this summer, how can we better equip them to succeed as the primary spiritual leaders? If we know our volunteers are going to be taking some time off, how can we equip them with tools to refuel?

  1. Music- choose your fall music now and invest in getting this amazing music into their hands!  They can listen to it on long road trips or flights this summer.  Our latest album, Living Inside Out, was just released. It can be purchased in the Orange store or you can download it from   This also makes a great intentional gift for your volunteers. They can listen and enjoy during the summer, then jump back into fall knowing all your upcoming worship songs!
  2. Parent Cue App- promote promote promote!  Take a look in the Training tab of the curriculum downloads page under Primary User Resources and utilize the Parent Cue App marketing materials. You could place $2 in an envelope with instructions on how to utilize the app this summer.  They can watch the Bible story videos as a family and ask one another questions about the lesson from anywhere they are!   Also this is a  great way to keep your volunteers in the loop of what the kids have been learning all summer.
  3. God Time 2 Go! –  Make a God Time bundle for your families to pick up and take with them!  Gather all the supplies suggested for the various activities and package it in a fun way!
  4. Create a fun experience for your volunteers to enjoy during the summer. This could be a beach towel , $5 Starbucks gift card and a copy of Losing Your Marbles or Lead Small.

Those are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling? Lets change our way of thinking and come up with ways to capitalize on the extra time that parents have with their children over the summer!  Share your ideas with us on the 252 Facebook page or message your OS today!