This summer, 252 is venturing into some new territory. Instead of two separate Life Apps for June and July, we’re taking the full seven weeks to focus on one key concept that’s at the heart of everything we do.
God is doing something in me to change the world around me.
Each week, kids will visit Base Camp to gather the tools and supplies—the basic truths—that will get them ready for what’s ahead.
As any experienced mountain climber knows, being prepared can make the difference between life and death. Before climbers begin their assent up the rock face, they make one last stop. At Base Camp they can safety-check their gear, stock up on food, and review weather forecasts for the climb. Depending on the duration of the trip, a climber may need to visit multiple basecamps on his way up the mountain.
The same goes for a follower of Jesus. The journey of faith is long, and it’s worth our while to stop every so often and camp out on the basics. Our summer series will use stories from the life of Jesus to unpack these three basic truths:
Wisdom – I need to make the wise choice.
Faith – I can trust God no matter what.
Friendship – I should treat others the way I want to be treated.
Since we’re using a single theme for the two-month summer series, we will be releasing only one Cue Box for June and July, as well.
In the future, 252 will dedicate each June/July to a unique summer series based on a single theme. This means your kids will still experience 30 separate Life Apps during our three-year rotation—while allowing for a change of pace during the summer months.