Does this sound familiar?
You’re looking at the calendar, and while summer may seem far away to most people, in the fast-paced world of children’s ministry, you know it’s just around the corner. Your blood pressure rises. Your palms start sweating. You begin making plans for a 48-hour volunteer recruitment telethon. You wonder to yourself: Does it really have to be this difficult?
We don’t think so.
We’ve put together a complete Summer XP for your children’s ministry. Inside this curriculum-in-a-box, you’ll find everything you need to have a great summer learning about wisdom, faith and friendship!
This summer, get Zapped!
Take a look at how we can all be zapped by God’s love. See, when we are zapped it changes the way we think, the way we treat others, the choices we make. We will journey with Peter and see how he was zapped throughout his life. From walking on water to healing a crippled beggar, Peter learned firsthand about what happens when you tap into God’s power.
While we know that summer can be hard on your ministry, the Zapped Summer XP is a great solution.
We want to help you make the most of your limited, summer resources. Zapped is an eight-week series designed to give you a great Sunday morning experience for your kids and volunteers. We’ve included shorter Small Group activities and longer Large Group time. The Storyteller and Drama segments are on video (DVD and QuickTime), which allows you to have a quality program with a smaller team of volunteers. Or, if you have a large team, scripts are provided so that you can perform the drama and/or Storyteller segments live. And as always, all the material is customizable to suit your needs.
Are you ready to find out how your church can get Zapped this summer? Check out