It seems rather ridiculous to by writing about summer as I listen to Christmas music, but as you and I both know, summer seems to arrive in our inbox as soon as the last box of ornaments is back in storage.

With summer comes the question, “What should I do with the kids?” Do you want to stick with your regular curriculum for the Sundays of summer? Do you want to try something new and different for those crazy summer Sundays where you are short on both kids and volunteers? Do you have a VBS program that you need to plan?

While we, at First Look, think that our regular curriculum is of course a GREAT choice for summer Sundays (I’ll give you a hint—it’s about creation, and there are trains involved), we understand that you might want a change or have additional programming to complete. That’s why we’re excited to announce Zapped, a new Summer Experience that contains both preschool and elementary lessons for eight Sundays or an awesome Vacation Bible School.

In the First Look part of Zapped, your preschooler will experience the same great learning that he gets on a normal Sunday but with an intensified Large Group time that brings the Bible to life in a new and highly interactive way. In Zapped, preschoolers will celebrate a God who helps us and loves us BIG!

So, whether you choose Zapped, our regular curriculum, or one of our other Summer Experiences, we pray your preschoolers will continue to grow closer to the God who loves them and made them, and to Jesus who wants to be their friend forever.