Summers are so much fun! Splashing in the water, eating watermelon, wearing sunglasses and flip-flops. The smell of sunscreen, the sound of a baseball bat hitting a ball, the feel of fireflies dancing in your hands. Love summer!
For most families, summer brings a more relaxed routine. Early morning bus stops are replaced with leisurely trips to the library. After school homework is forgotten on warm bike rides. Many families travel more, explore new places, and hopefully, spend quality time with the people they love.
At 252 Home, our goal is to help parents be more strategic with the things they are already doing. And what they’re doing in the summer is different than what they’re doing during the school year. So this year we’ve taken a slightly different approach to summer.

We created one CUE Box for both months in your Basecamp series. That way parents only have one set of resources to remember for the summer. Along with the resource always included, it contains 9 Collector Cards, one for each week of the Basecamp series. So if a kid misses a week at church, they’ll still have a connection to the story you taught.
One CUE Box also helps simplify your summer. (Seriously, summer in kids’ ministry can get crazy.) The CUE Box you ordered and distributed for June will be good through July. No need to place another order. And if you’re on our autoship program, your account will not be billed for July—a bit of budget savings for you.

We designed our Basecamp widget to be portable. The Basecamp flag can hang on the car window if you’re taking a road trip. It can easily go to Grandma’s house or the campground. And if you have a family actually climbing Everest this summer, please send us a pic of that flag on their journey (that’d make my year!). Our hope is that this flag can serve as a reminder to reconnect with each other and the Basics of Wisdom, Faith and Friendship no matter where a family finds themselves.
We’ll have and the Parent CUE app running throughout the summer, so the digital and mobile families in your church will continue to connect with what you’re teaching each week.
We’d love to hear about your summer! Comment on this blog or connect with us at our Facebook page. Then go set up a lawn chair and have a glass of lemonade. Happy summer!