Summer is here!

Relaxing days, kids running free, fun in the sun, and a whole new batch of challenges for preschool leaders.

While everyone else is looking forward to vacations and weekends at the lake, you are scrambling to find volunteers, figure out what’s going to happen in the fall, and just make it from Sunday to Sunday.

So, how do you ease that stress just a little bit? The key is to ask for help and know exactly where you need it!

  • Print out lists of your current volunteers for each Sunday of June, July and August. Visit each classroom next Sunday and ask when volunteers won’t be there. Physically cross their names off the list in front of them. This is impactful for both of you. You know you will be short a volunteer, and your volunteer knows that he or she will be missed.
  • Ask every Small Group Leader to find one or more parent(s) from their Small Groups who can volunteer at least one time this summer in their classrooms. Help these parents and fill-in volunteers succeed in the classroom on Sunday morning by positioning one strong, seasoned preschool volunteer in each classroom.
  • Organize a massive “Get Prepared Party.” Print the curriculum for June, July and August, gather all the paper and cardstock you need, and get the copier humming. Invite volunteers to come on a special day with their own pair of scissors and cut away! Provide snacks, drinks, and a party atmosphere. A little bit of fellowship can go a long way. If possible, provide childcare during this time to enable more volunteers to come.
  • Work with the leader of your church’s student ministry to find high school students who might be interested in helping out in the preschool area during the summer. These energetic young people can be great help both on Sunday mornings and during the week with preparation.

With a bit of work at the beginning of the summer identifying where you need help, you too can sit back and enjoy the sunshine!