The theme for October is Super Kids, and we have a super bonus for you this month!  We have written an book titled, Super Kid, that is available for you to use in your class and to give to your preschoolers.  During October, we will be learning that we can always count on God!  We aren’t super on our own but we really can be super with God’s help.

The book is 16-pages of colorful graphics and fun rhymes that tell the stories of four people in the Bible who were super with God’s help.  The books are bright and fun and priced so that you can get one for each child in your preschool.  How much fun will your kids have when they can read this story over and over again at home with their families?!


Each week, the Introductory Sketch is written for your host to read a segment from the book. In addition, the Storyteller shares a poem each week to review the story. Your preschoolers will learn how they, too, can be super with God’s help.   Here is part of the rhyme from Week 1.

“Elijah was super because he believed with all his heart

“That the one true God would do His part.

“God sent help and saved the day!

“God used Elijah to show HIS super ways!

You don’t need the actual book to perform the sketch and Bible story, but it will be an awesome addition to your Make It True environment.


Quantities are limited so order yours soon!

You can purchase the book in bundles of ten, for $17.50, or $1.75 each at this link in the  Orange Store.   Quantity discounts are available.