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Every Church Can Give Families a Shared Experience

Even the best parents need consistent voices encouraging them to stay in sync and to create a strong rhythm to build faith in their homes.   I am convinced that… Read More

Elementary | How To

Giving and Taking Focus

A long, long, looong time ago I played baseball.  Yes, I played poorly, but there was a skill building exercise that I always loved. We called it “hot potato.”  Several players stood shoulder… Read More

Elementary | How To

Honey, I Shrunk FX!

Yes, I realize this title makes me corny, but since I recently went gluten-free, I’m okay with that. I’m also REALLY okay with the fact that we’re now making our… Read More

Elementary | How To

Improvising an FX

When we at Orange eat alphabet soup, play Scrabble or create magnetic poetry on our fridge doors, we like to fish out the letters “F” and “X”. Why? Because FX… Read More

Elementary | How To

Building a FX

Did you know you can have a highly effective FX that meets on a weekly, monthly or even seasonal basis? Each one of these options can be “theme park elaborate”… Read More