Preschoolers Friendship

Friendship is a huge part of life, and it starts at the preschool age. As we grow up, we learn how to make friends, how to keep friends, and how to be a good friend. Well this month, we will be teaching preschoolers all about friendship with Jesus.


Let’s be real, friendship comes pretty easily to preschool-aged kids! They are quick to share a cookie, color a picture, or push one another on the swings. And before you know it, they’ve taken that tiny bond and made a best friend! That’s why we want to use our preschoolers’ knowledge about friendship by teaching them that no matter what kind of shoes we wear, everyone can be friends with Jesus.


Put On Your Shoes: Everyone can be friends with Jesus 


How valuable is it for preschoolers to know that friendship with Jesus isn’t reserved for best-behaved, the smartest, or the most talented. No, everyone can be friends with Jesus, and his life on Earth proved that. He didn’t search out the kings or religious leaders, but the lowly . . . the outcasts. Those that became friends with Him were changed forever in the best ways.


Here’s an overview of what preschoolers will learn about friendship with Jesus each week:


WEEK ONE: Andrew and Peter; John and James— Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11


In this week, we learn about how Jesus gathers his closest friends as the disciples. And he didn’t go for those high-up religious leaders or important kings. He befriended fishermen! Back then, fishermen weren’t the coolest (or best-smelling) people. But Jesus sought them out as friends. And guess what? They followed Him quickly!


WEEK TWO: Matthew (Tax Collector) — Matthew 9:9-12


This week preschoolers will hear about Jesus seeking out friends who make bad choices. In this Bible story, Jesus passes right by lots of other friends and goes straight to the tax collector Matthew. This tax collector didn’t make good choices. Most people probably thought he could never be friends with Jesus. But to everyone’s shock Jesus asked Matthew to follow Him. So Matthew left all that money and followed Jesus, changing his life forever!


WEEK THREE: The Twelve — The Gospels


This week, preschoolers will meet all twelve of Jesus’ closest friends, the disciples! They ranged from measley fishermen to tax collectors to thieves – and all of them were welcomed as friends to Jesus. He loved them and chose them, just like he loves us and wants to be our friend forever. Preschoolers will learn that they can tell the world that everyone can be friends with Jesus.


WEEK FOUR: Feeding 5,000 friends — Mark 6:31-44


This classic Bible story will close out the month of March learning about friendship with Jesus. Preschoolers will learn that Jesus fed 5,000 hungry people after they had been listening to Him teach all day. This story will remind preschoolers that there are no special requirements to be Jesus’ friend and that Jesus is a good friend to everyone.


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Jesus came for everyone, and everyone can be friends with Jesus. No matter where you stand—no matter what you’ve done, Jesus says, “Come and follow me.” So let’s put on our shoes and follow Jesus!


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