We are hard-wired for story.
From twos to teens—not to mention staff and parents—the best way to engage attention and create passion is through story. God didn’t give us a document of 1,001 commandments; He gave us a collection of stories. The Bible is full of adventure epics, love stories, history and tragedy, and comedy and poetry. Jesus has been described as “God who told stories.”
Every day, we’re bombarded by the language of story, from advertisements and video games to movies and interactive websites. Our kids are story savvy and story hungry. So how do we get them excited about God’s bigger story?
One of my nephews, a super-smart 13-year-old, spends hours enmeshed in role-playing video games and used much of his summer to write a 25,000-word adventure novel. His family attends church, but he’s not much interested in youth group. The well-meaning youth pastor’s invitations to play games at the retirement home and rake leaves for shut ins don’t interest him—because he sees no connection to a bigger story.
God has designed a grand, unique adventure with a specific mission for each of us and for every one of the kids in our ministries. Our challenge is to help kids make the connection:
Just like Abraham, you will be called to leave the safe and comfortable for the unknown, both perilous and exciting.
Just like Esther, people may plot against you, but if you use the smarts and quickness and wisdom God’s given you, you might save your family, your friends, an entire nation.
Just like the disciples, you’ll sometimes find yourself in the middle of nowhere on a sinking ship with a raging storm, and your only lifeline will be Jesus.
Just like Saul, you have been given a fiery mission that will change the world—if you’re willing to leave your comfy chair and take the journey.
At Orange, our passion is helping you connect kids with the adventure God has written for each one of them. How do you use story within your ministry? How are you inviting your K-5 children into God’s bigger story?