Usually, our monthly widget isn’t rocket science. But if you’ve looked ahead a few weeks, you’ll see that for August, well… it is!

In August, we dive into Obedience, which is trusting those who lead you by doing what you’re asked to do.

Obedience means following instructions to the “tee”, even if you can’t quite see where it’s all leading. That’s why our August widget, The Blueprint, provides detailed directions for an incredibly supercool rocket ship made from common household objects! (At least, if your families don’t have them around the house, we’re pretty sure your local Hobby Lobby has them for a few cents.)

In order for the end result to fly, though, your parents will have to trust that you (and we, scary thought!) have provided accurate instructions. And kids are going to have to listen carefully and follow through on every step given by their parents.

Now, some of your families are going to take a look at The Blueprint and be itching to get started before lunch. Other parents may take a look and be tempted to slide it to the bottom of the junk drawer. (These are the people who handle IKEA assembly instructions like I do: leave the room and return once the item has been magically pieced together by my husband.)

If you suspect you’ve got some assembla-phobes in your midst, you may want to create some options to give everyone the best experience possible. For instance, you could have a church-wide rocket building party with prizes for the best-decorated rocket and the one that travels the furthest. Or you could suggest that several families get together to build their rockets. Or even that families use the opportunity to involve a neighbor who may not go to church, but doesn’t break out in hives at the sight of an IKEA assembly booklet.

Whatever you choose, we’re betting that obedience has never been so much fun. Let us know: Do you have ideas for how to use The Blueprint with your families?