Part of  “The Center Approach” Series

The Make It Real portion of the curriculum is designed to be a time for the Small Group Leader to connect with the same group of five to eight preschoolers each week. During this time, preschoolers and their Small Group Leader talk about what they learned during the Bible story, while reviewing the monthly memory verse and when sharing prayer requests. During Make It Real, preschoolers learn that there’s another adult in their life, other than mom and dad, who cares about them and knows what’s going on in their lives.

Make It Real is probably the most versatile portion of our curriculum in terms of scheduling. You can use it in one of two ways depending on your typical Sunday morning. First, you can keep it exactly where it is—at the end of the curriculum. It’s a great way to sum up the morning before parents come to pick up and a great way for parents to see the same Small Group Leader engaging with their child each week.

The second place to position Make It Real is right after the Bible story is told. This works especially well if you have a snack time that falls in the middle of your morning. We all know that when you put a snack in the hands of preschoolers, you have their undivided attention for at least five minutes! Have the Small Group Leaders pass out snacks and then start the Small Group conversation provided to you in Make It Real. Once they’re finished with snack, that’s your cue to draw this time to a close and move into Make It Stick.

Whichever way you choose to incorporate Make It Real, it is important that you take this time to develop the relationships between your preschoolers and their Small Group Leader.