Part of  “The Center Approach” Series

We just LOVE hearing how churches choose to implement First Look! One of our ministry partners had the idea to implement the First Look curriculum as a room-to-room rotation. Instead of moving through centers within each individual classroom, they decided to devote a classroom to each portion of First Look.

The Plan:

Each Small Group of preschoolers begins and ends their rotation in their specific classroom. During the morning, a class leaves their classroom and travels to other classrooms that are each devoted to one component of the First Look curriculum.

Ideally, you would need three additional classrooms, but you could certainly be successful by using just two additional rooms depending on the amount of space and number of children in your ministry.


The Schedule:

Arrive to regular classroom:
Each child is dropped off in their specific classroom and signed in using the church’s sign in method. The children have about 10 minutes to play as you wait for all of your children to arrive. Once you’re ready, it’s time to travel to Make It Fun.

Make It Fun Room (15 minutes):
This classroom is devoted to the activities that you choose to do from the Make It Fun portion of First Look. The number of activities you choose will help to determine the number of volunteers you assign to the room. Keep in mind that your classroom Small Group Leaders will be there to lead their groups from activity to activity just like they would in the regular Center Approach. The activity leaders will be there to explain the activity and help guide preschoolers through the activity.

Make It True Large Group Room (15 minutes):
As we mentioned in a previous post, Make It True, is not designed as a center with small groups of children—it’s meant to be done with a Large Group. All of your groups will gather here together for a time of worship and to hear the Bible story. If you tend to be short on volunteers, this is a great place to use the Wonder! Look at God’s StoryDVD. After this time is over, you could move to the Make It Stick room OR stay for your Make It Real time and snack. (Remember, Make It Real is the portion of First Look that can be done at a time that fits your ministry schedule.)

Make It Stick Room (15 minutes):
This classroom is devoted to the activities that you have chosen to use from Make It Stick. Again, the number of volunteers that you would need for this room depends on the number of activities you have chosen to implement. Set up this room just as you would for centers, making sure that each activity has its own volunteer. The Small Group Leader acts as extra hands during the activities and leads the Small Group through the Make It Stick rotation.

Regular classroom (15 minutes):
Depending on where you have decided to implement Make It Real will dictate how these last 15 minutes are used. If you have already done Make It Real, you could use this time as an opportunity to re-cap the morning with your preschoolers or have playtime. If you saved Make It Real for this portion of time, then you would spend this time in Small Groups and prayer.

Going with a rotation approach has the potential to allow you to take your best leaders and put them in strategic spots so that ALL of the children in your ministry benefit from them. Small Group Leaders can focus more on the preschoolers in their Small Groups rather than having to prepare for the activities. After all, we only have a few hours on Sunday morning. Let’s make it the best we can!