We’ve been talking a lot about centers here on the First Look Blog. Did you read the entire series?

Make It Fun
Make It True
Make It Stick
Make It Real
Room Rotation

So, now what?

The first question to ask yourself is, “Is the center approach right for my environment?” It’s not right for everywhere. But, might it work in your rooms? Would it make things run smoother for both your volunteers and preschoolers?

If you are going to switch to centers, you next need to think through the systems. How are you going to choose which activities to do? How are you going to arrange your supplies in the room? How are you going to train your volunteers?

Finally, you need to cast vision for your staff and volunteers. Very few people like change, so your biggest job is actually leading your team to see the benefits of this switch. Take your key volunteers to lunch and invite them to help you champion your change. Their support will lead the group and make the transition easier.

What do you think? Will centers work for you?

Are you already using the center approach? We’d love to hear all about it!