Ahoy, Mateys!!!

It’s time for the Clubhouse Pirate Adventure and we are so excited to launch this this treasure hunt for your preschoolers as we help them see that the Bible is just full of treasure for them to discover!  Because this theme continues over two months, we thought it might be helpful to give you the “view from the crow’s nest” of how each week’s bottom line will fit on your story map:

June 1: The Bible is Better Than Gold!                                          NO symbol to add

June 8:     The Bible tells me God made me the way I am.           Add the Mirror

June 15:   The Bible tells me God loves me all the time.                Add the Pocketwatch

June 22:  The Bible tells me I’m part of God’s family.                    Add the Church

June 29:  The Bible tells me to look for ways to help others.          Add the Spyglass

July 6:      The Bible tells me I can talk to God anytime                  Add the Phone

July 13:    The Bible tells me to share my stuff.                                Add the Backpack

July 20:   The Bible tells me Jesus wants to be my friend forever   Add the Bracelet

July 27:    Clubhouse Pirate Adventure Review

We’ve also had several people ask us how big to make the map so that the circles in the “Pirates Tab” will fit them. For the Wonder video, we put the map on a 24″ x 36″ poster and used the half page circles. We got it done in one day at Staples, and I just checked their website. It looks like they have a print sale going on right now! Bonus!

We can’t wait to see and hear how the Clubhouse Pirate Adventure works in your environment. It’s going to be great!