The Large Group curriculum for 252 Basics uses props and costumes, live Storytellers, games, illustrations, sound effects, and video clips all in an effort to make the stories and principles from the Bible come to life for kids in kindergartner through fifth grade. We think it’s an excellent way to engage kids and help them remember God’s Word.
But some churches lack the resources or staff to pull it off week after week with excellence. That’s why we offer Feature Presentation.
Feature Presentation
is a DVD, which has two video versions of the same Bible story or principle being taught in the live Large Group curriculum. There’s 252 Story, which is a very clear, very simple and direct version of the lesson told by a single Storyteller. And there’s 252 Movie, a fully dramatized, contemporary and often humorous retelling of the Bible story.
Now churches that feel understaffed or churches that may lack resources have options. A church using 252 Basics can have a live Host so they don’t lose the personal connection with their kids, but instead of having to find another volunteer to be the Storyteller for the week, they can press play on the DVD when it comes time for the Bible story. A church can use live Storytellers every week, but have Feature Presentation as a backup in case a volunteer calls in sick at the last minute. The church can choose to go simple with 252 Story one week and go crazy the next with 252 Movie. Or even show both!
As always, you can adapt the Large Group scripts to meet your church’s needs. To incorporate the 252 Story or 252 Movie scripts into the Power Up part of Large Group, we recommend removing the entire Storyteller portion of the script and replacing it with the video. On the DVD, you’ll find an Intro piece that sets up the story and an Outro that connects the story to the day’s Bottom Line.
The point is, we really want your kids to hear the Word, understand it, and take it with them. We create, adapt, recreate, and readapt our products precisely for that reason. So, if you can pull off the entire live script with excellence, go for it! Your kids will be impacted beyond belief! But if you need a little help, give Feature Presentation a shot.