Our New CD called “Turn It Up” is coming out at Orange Conference 2012! We have been working fast and hard to make sure we can also release our Dance DVD to go along with the CD at OC.  I wanted to share some fun images with you from our video shoots for the DVD.
Our first set was a city skyline with some fun props like the barrels below I graffiti’d (I know that’s not a word but I like it). They were really fun to make, and ever since I posted a picture to Instagram people are offering to buy them! They are pretty awesome props for a kid’s environment. Just an idea for you kidmin people that like to decorate! Here’s a quick preview of the process for the set.

This is a picture I snapped with my iphone of the set during one of the videos we were shooting. It looks much cooler in the video though!

Our second set is a little crazier! We used a combination of bright paint and neon paint so that you can see certain paint when the lights are on…

…and when the lights go off but the black lights go on random designs glow! The dancers also wore clothes that glow too, so that made the dances even more fun.

I can’t give away all of our secrets because I want you guys to have something to look forward to when you watch the DVD. You, the kids, and the parents are in for a real treat when it comes to this new CD. I am 25 and I listen to these songs over and over because I actually LOVE them! I hope that’s the same for you!
We are excited to hear what you guys think about the new songs and dances. Until then, I have some questions for you…
What has been your favorite song in the past that we have done?
What is your favorite dance?