Last week, Kristen Ivy and I were trying to find a Starbucks (and free WiFi) near the conference center where Orange was going on, to get a sneak peek at some of the awesome new video pieces for September. We needed just one thing to help us get around—our smartphones.
I thought, this easy navigation system is what we’re trying to accomplish with 252 Basics this fall. We’re working hard behind the scenes to create an interactive MAP that helps lead not only you and your volunteers each month and week, but also guide the parents of the children in your ministry as well.
I heard Daniel Pink’s latest book, Drive, mentioned several times at the Conference last week. It unpacks in detail the three things that motivate people most—paid and unpaid. We are keeping these basics in mind as we create a monthly and even weekly M.A.P. for you and your leaders.
M – Mastery: Both you and the people in your ministry want to be good at what you do, so you need timely resources and tips to consistently improve, but in bite-size pieces so it’s not overwhelming.
A – Autonomy: You and your volunteers want some independence and options, so you can choose what works best in each situation, based on your experience and culture.
P – Purpose: We all need to be regularly reminded of how our role (and this curriculum) is a key part of the bigger story we’re telling and our big-picture ministry goals or mission.
We know that no church’s journey or landscape is exactly the same as you try to navigate with the same end in mind. So, we’re thinking about how to help you and your volunteers have what you need—an interactive, customizable MAP—to get where you want to go, as easily and quickly as possible.