Several weeks ago, Kimberly Curtis, Preschool Ministry Director of Crosspoint Church, shared her “Mommy Prep Club” pictures on our First Look Facebook page.  We loved the idea and asked her if she would give us a little more detail on the group so we could share it with all of our First Look Friends!  She very sweetly agreed to share and sent the following information and pictures:

Prep Pic 1

As a preschool ministry director, one of the weekly tasks I handle is to prep curriculum crafts and activities for our baby, toddler, and preschool classrooms. Some of the tasks are simple, like cutting out memory verse cards. Others, are, well…I’m sure some of you can relate to how daunting of a task cutting out a jillion Mr. Potato Head eyes, ears, noses, and mouths actually is!

I was often approached by moms, and volunteers, offering “any help at all.” However, I was not inclined to hand over a stack of papers and say “Happy cutting. See you Sunday.” Instead, after many genuine offers, and many evenings worth of hand cramps, I decided to make it fun! Thus was born “The Mommy Prep Club.” We meet one evening a month (kid-free!) and prep an entire month’s worth of curriculum in just a few hours. All are welcome to come help out, and both parents and volunteers alike get excited about getting a behind the scenes sneak peek into the lessons! Some come and cut straight lines, while others tackle craftier tasks like painting set. But whether we’re counting cotton balls or making pom poms out of streamers, we’re having a blast!!! Having a house full of amazing people excited about pouring into our preschoolers is quickly becoming a can’t miss event.  And it isn’t something we want to keep a secret.  That’s why the first rule of Mommy Prep Club is “EVERYONE talks about Mommy Prep Club!!!”


Prep Pic 2

Prep Pic 3


Prep Pic 4

Prep Pic 5


Thanks to Kimberly for sharing this idea with us!  If you would like more details or have other questions about The Mommy Prep Club, you can comment below or reach Kimberly directly at