Once upon a time there was a Preschool Parent Cue App.

This little App so wanted to be seen by the world.

It had amazing content.
It had fantastic videos.
It had helpful insights for parents.

Finally, the time came for the App to make its debut!

It walked out onto the platform . . .

And discovered . . .

That the while it was ready for the platform, the platform wasn’t ready for it.

Some of the boards needed to be fixed.
Some of the lights needed to be adjusted.
Some of the doors needed to be opened to let the viewers in.

So, right now the App sits and waits . . . patiently.

Soon all will be ready for its awesomeness, and it can make its debut.

Thank you for your patience as we fix the bugs on the preschool side of our Parent Cue App. We are currently waiting for some approvals and hope to debut soon. As soon as the App is ready, we will release a tutorial on how to use it so you can see its awesomeness.