Every morning on the way to work, I travel a road that seems like a never-ending construction site. Workers have been perfecting this throughway for months, but it seems like there’s no end in sight. The road is down to one lane in several places, bumpy and dusty with heavy-duty vehicles lining the sides of the road and construction workers everywhere. Driving this road is like navigating an obstacle course. Yet I traverse it every morning because regardless of how difficult the drive, the road takes me where I need to go.
Often the road to peace can be as bumpy as a drive through a construction zone.
Jenna and I have four kids with four distinct personalities and four totally different ways of communicating. When everything mixes together well, we have a home full of joy. But let’s be real, the four little people in our house don’t always play nicely together. Arguments happen, and often.
When our kids fight, the quick fix is appealing. “Go to your rooms. You’re in time out. No more Wii for either of you. We’ll deal with this later.”
But when we take a breath and remember that we’re raising adults, we realize that the quick fix doesn’t teach them how to deal with real life, just how to escape it.
When kids are arguing, we have to be willing to put on our hard hats and walk our kids through the messy part of making peace. We can use those broken moments to help them learn how to restore the relationship that gets broken when an argument shatters the peace.
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