The Bible has lots to say about our faith with being equated to a race. It says we must run it. We’re told to run to win and forget what is behind us. Go for the prize! Paul speaks about finishing and keeping the faith at the end of his race.

As a leader, you are racing to win with your Small Group Leaders. To help keep your team stoked, let’s check out the three E words below. Keep these three words handy as you lead this season of ministry.

Encourage. Sincerity in appreciating your Small Group volunteers can’t be expressed enough. You’ve got to remember to share that grateful heart. Share stories. Gather stories from both kids and parents to share. Stories inspire others to run the race to win in their Small Groups. Let them know what they do matters! Effective leaders know the power of encouragement and celebration. Purpose to express a grateful heart to your Small Group Leaders on a regular basis. Say “Thank you.” Encourage them by taking a personal interest in their lives, and pray as a team for one another. It is fuel for the race.

Equip. Do your Small Group Leaders feel equipped to do what they do? Ask them! Talk about what you can do to help them be effective in the race. What do they need? You just may have the answer if you take time to talk and connect on a regular basis. Keep your team aware of what’s happening in a kid’s world. Share trends, studies, etc., to help equip them. Provide practical training too. The Lead Small book as a team study or the great DVD Do For a Few event is a big win to help equip your Small Group Leaders in their race for the prize.

Empower. Everyone brings something to add to the great make up of team. Hang around Small Groups a bit and you will see that each group has its own flare. Each has a unique blend of kids with personalities! Empower your leaders to lead their unique group to build relationships with the kids. The more you show confidence in their ability to lead, the more your leaders will take what they do to heart and go the extra mile in the race.

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