The leaves are changing and fall is in full swing. I love this time of year! It’s amazing to see the color of the leaves change right before our eyes. You know our children change like that too? They’re changing, growing, developing every day—right in front of us.

Think about how much change happens to a baby within just the first few months of her life. And within a year, most children begin walking, then a few months later, they’re running! Mom and dad can barely keep up with the boundless energy. It’s inevitable that the once cuddly little infant snuggled in her mother’s arms, will quickly become that toddler who can’t wait to pull herself free from mom’s grip exercising her ability to run, jump and play. Before you know it, that toddler is a preschooler and she’s soaking in every bit of knowledge that she can, discovering that there’s so much to learn about the great big world around her. She’s growing quickly.

So, what will you do with the little time you have her in your preschool ministry? How do you influence her? Are you partnering with her parents? Do you realize that what you teach her every week impacts the rest of her life? When she consistently hears “God made you special,” and “God loves you,” it will never leave her. Preschool ministries have such a unique opportunity to impact the lives of preschoolers that goes far beyond the first few years of their lives. The time you have with them is fleeting, but what you do with it will last for years to come. Make it count.

How are you maximizing your influence on the lives of preschoolers in your ministry?