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3 Ways to Help Preschoolers Understand God

When it comes to the Bible, preschoolers might miss a few details. Just remember, they aren’t overthinking it. They are imagining it. Read More

Child Development | Parents

The One Thing That Matters Most to a New Baby

The phase of having a baby is unlike any other. The days are equally too long and too short, exhausting and sweet; and you’ll find yourself wishing more than once… Read More

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Helping Church Families Create Rhythm in Crisis

In order to help church families during the pandemic, we have to help them create rhythm at home. Here are some ways us leaders can help! Read More

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Relating to Elementary Schoolers Whose World is a Stage

Your words, as they pile up on top of one another, act as a dose of reality against bullying, peer pressure, and internal doubts that pop up as kids move from kindergarten to fifth grade.  Read More

Child Development | Elementary | Orange Strategy | Parents | Volunteers

The Significant Relationships Every Elementary Schooler Needs

As a leader, you're only as effective as your influence. When it comes to elementary schoolers, quality relationships are vital. Read More

Child Development | Orange Strategy | Parents | Preschool | Volunteers

Laying The Bricks of Moral Foundation

Preschoolers are primarily motivated by safety. So, if you try to motivate a preschooler with fear, it may work against their primary motive and lead to mistrust and deception. Read More

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Read Your Little Artist’s Mind: How Preschoolers Think

To lead well, we must grow in understanding preschoolers. Preschoolers think like artists and blend reality with imagination! Read More

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How to Read the Mind of a Second Grader

When we understand the phase of a second grader, we realize that they think like scientists. They learn through practice and application. Read More

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The 4 Questions Every Preschooler is Asking

The best way to resolve a preschooler’s relational questions is to consistently embrace the child’s physical needs. Here are 4 ways: Read More