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How to Make Elementary Schoolers Feel Safe and Loved

We all need love. Kids in particular use love as a barometer to measure their own worth.  Read More


Leveraging How Elementary Schoolers See God

When kids grow up believing they are made by God, they grow up wanting to know the God who made them. Read More

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Do I Have Your Attention? (And Other Things Elementary Schoolers are Thinking)

Every phase has unique cultural changes. But you can’t discover everything you need to know about the culture of childhood and adolescence in a book. By the time a book is printed, culture has changed.  The only way for you to learn… Read More

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How to Read a Second-Grader’s Mind

“Read their mind” is just another way of saying: Every leader needs to understand what’s changing mentally and physically.   When you know what can be expected of a phase, you are able to give kids the right amount of success.  In Deuteronomy… Read More

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9 VBS Marketing Ideas to Get Attention!

You’ve got a stellar VBS curriculum picked out, started brainstorming a fun set design and decorations, and the volunteer recruiting plan is coming together. The only thing you need now is the kids. Creating a marketing strategy to get the word out… Read More

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The ONE SECRET to a Great VBS

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” – Stephen Covey Does your countdown to VBS have you jumping for joy? Does it have you grinning from ear to ear? Or does it have you checking under your… Read More