Learning About Hope in the Midst of Doubt

Do you like puzzles?   They’re the perfect rainy day activity. No matter how many puzzles we put together, there’s always something amazing about how all the pieces come together… Read More

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How Can Kids Use Cooperation to Change the World?

There’s nothing like going to a concert and watching all the instruments come together to play something amazing. Just picture it—each musician with their own unique instrument on stage, creating… Read More

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Announcing: Make Waves Kids Devotional

Question for you: What if you invite a generation of kids to make waves? When you throw a rock into a pond, it creates ripples that spread out all throughout the water. The rock creates small, circular waves. We think that when… Read More

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Teaching Kids All About Compassion

Who doesn’t love a good party? Whether it be a block party or birthday party, a cul-de-sac party or anniversary party - they all bring a smile to our face! Music plays, people embrace, and the buzz of celebration rings throughout the… Read More

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Why You Should Talk to Kids About Self-Control

Self-control. Ever struggled with that as an adult? Whether it comes to controlling our words or controlling our appetites, all adults battle with self-control in some capacity. But imagine if you were given some tools at a young age to help you… Read More

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Kids and Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying has become a rising problem for kids in this day and age. What are some things the church can do about it? Read to learn more. Read More

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A Christmas Event for Your Community

Christmastime is the time that most families look for an experience they can enjoy together. Whether it’s driving through neighborhoods to see the lights or grabbing a mug of hot chocolate, families want to create memories that last! But rather than throwing… Read More

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Growing Confidence in Kids

As many kids step back into a physical building for school this year, one thing they will desperately need is confidence. They’ve had a year of seeing some really hard stuff in the world, including adults who may not always have handled… Read More

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4 Ways to Help with Engaging Parents Everywhere

As kids ministry leaders, we’re here because we care about the faith and future of the next generation. To properly invest in our kids, we know we must engage all parents everywhere. Because if you care about a kid’s future one day,… Read More

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A Kidmin Guide to Orange Membership

The Orange Membership gives leaders access to a library full of practical ministry resources with the answers to your most-asked questions. Read More