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3 Things to Look for in a Small Group Leader

Kevin Ragsdale is the Director of Student Ministry at North Point Community Church and a contributor to the Go Weekly blog. In this article, he shares the top three characteristics he looks for in a good small group leader.  - - -… Read More

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Shedding Light

Our friend Gina wrote about the purpose of small group leaders on the Lead Small blog. As a SGL, you are a giver of light. When you show up predictably in the lives of your few, you create an opportunity to shed… Read More

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Common Conundrum: Multi-Service Programming

I confess. I am a recovering multi service leader. Our church offered ministry to children at various service times. We offered a Saturday night ministry time, 2 Sunday services, plus a midweek service. At one time we had a different curriculum running… Read More

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Six Tips for Starting a Kids Worship Team

As a full-time children’s pastor, Brent Weber leads a large volunteer force of kids, teens and adults in a family worship experience designed to engage kids, empower volunteers and create leaders. He's also the founder of Impact Arts Academy, focused on developing… Read More

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Celebrating SGLs

Our friend Kendra Fleming recently shared some ideas about the important role of small group leaders: As a pastor, I couldn’t possibly take credit or even begin to personally connect with all of the children and families who attend our church. It’s the small… Read More

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Ollie Pops

First Look Friends! I can't even stand the cuteness. Our fabulous Orange Specialist, Deb Springer, forwarded this email to me, and I just had to share it with you! In the email, our First Look Friend, Randee Green from FUMC Brownwood in… Read More

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Crazy Talk

Carrie Hood is an actor and producer for 252 Basics video products. Here, she tells the story of her church starting their FX. To keep up with the church, follow Village Church in Hayesville, NC on Facebook. Want to share what God… Read More

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Confession of a Pastor-Dad

A few months ago, pastor-dad Kenny Conley shared about the importance of small group leaders as his oldest child started the elementary ministry at his church. May it serve to encourage the leaders in your ministries. I have a seven-year old son… Read More

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I love a good party. Around our house we use every holiday to create some kind of party. And if you have a birthday – just watch out! We go a little crazy. Currently we are getting ready for Easter. It is… Read More

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Parent Pick-up: Turning the Chaos into Opportunity

For better or for worse, most parents only experience about 3 minutes of our elementary ministry environment. And those 3 minutes are not during the creative large group experience or the engaging small group time that we've worked so hard to develop.… Read More