Orange Strategy

Orange Strategy

Putting Faith in Action: Our Strategy for 252 Kids Curriculum

For the 2022-23 curriculum year, we’ve made the change from “Life App” back to “virtue." Virtues help connect the Bible stories to Jesus. Read More

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Orange Kids Curriculum New Features

Great news! We have improved Orange Kids Curriculum to allow leaders to enhance their weekly experience. Check out all the new features starting Fall 2022! Read More

Orange Strategy

The Importance of Blending Theology and Psychology

When it comes to communicating with kid, adults often assume two things: First, they assume that kids think like we do now. Second, they assume that kids think we did when we were there age. Neither of which are true. The truth… Read More

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What is FX and Why Should My Church Plan Them?

Before we start, I’d like to ask a couple of questions. Do you . . . believe that families with elementary aged kids are important to the church community? think that the major moral influence in a kid's life is from parents?… Read More

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Seven Segments of Orange Curriculum

At Orange, we are intentional about creating memorable experiences for kids each and every Sunday. While sometimes the curriculum can seem a bit daunting, each part can be broken down into one of seven segments. These seven segments of First Look and… Read More

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4 Ways to Help with Engaging Parents Everywhere

As kids ministry leaders, we’re here because we care about the faith and future of the next generation. To properly invest in our kids, we know we must engage all parents everywhere. Because if you care about a kid’s future one day,… Read More

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Curriculum Adaptations to Support Kids With Special Needs

For many families, church is a safe space of encouragement, support, and connection. Not only do adults get opportunities to learn about God and connect with others, but children do, too. Like you, we don’t take kids’ ministry lightly around here. We… Read More

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What’s Different About Crawlers and Toddlers?

Crawlers and toddlers are at a different phase than their older preschool friends, so they need a separate curriculum. Learn about it here! Read More

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5 Reasons Preschool Programming Is Not Childcare 

Sometimes people may call preschool ministry "childcare." However, preschool programming should not be viewed as childcare for five key reasons. Read More

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A Kidmin Guide to Orange Membership

The Orange Membership gives leaders access to a library full of practical ministry resources with the answers to your most-asked questions. Read More