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Start Here

With this simple Gospel presentation and a conversation guide for parents, START HERE provides everything churches need to help equip parents to lead their children to Christ. Read More

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Look At Me! Relating to Elementary Schoolers When Their World is a Stage

To hang with a room full of elementary-aged kids, you need just one thing: a head with eyes on all sides.   Easy enough, right?   If by some chance you’ve got just two lookers like the rest of us, you may find yourself… Read More

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The Kind of Volunteer Your Ministry Needs

So…if no volunteer can ever know what a parent knows, then why recruit anyone to help with kids? It would definitely make things easier if you could just tell parents, “Since you know more than we can ever know, and you have… Read More

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How to Explain the Easter Story to Your Preschooler

There’s something about watching a bunch of three-and four-year-olds decked out in frilly dresses and bow ties, racing through the yard as they hunt for eggs and get distracted by bugs, airplanes, and…oh my gosh, there’s candy in this egg! Easter and… Read More

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The Significant Relationships Every Elementary Schooler Needs

The earlier you gain influence in a child's life, the more equipped you are to influence them later—when it matters even more.   That's one of the best aspects of being a youth leader—you have the incredible opportunity to not only directly impact… Read More

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Laying The Bricks of Moral Foundation

The science of developing an emotional intelligence and moral foundation is complex. But to oversimplify for a minute, from the time a child is born, they must learn to do four things:   Recognize: Name the emotions they feel Manage: Take charge of… Read More

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Make It Fun: Helping Elementary Kids Connect with God

There are three drives that are hardwired in every kid: Wonder Discovery Passion  If you think about those drives as dials you turn to help a kid connect with God, then what if you turn those dials to different volumes for different… Read More

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Connecting The Dots: Helping Your Elementary Schooler Understand Why Easter Matters

There’s a familiar scene passed down from generation to generation, and it goes like this:   Dad commands the wheel, meandering the streets of his childhood stomping grounds. Kids sit in the back, watching and listening as he points out landmark after landmark--each… Read More