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The Significant Relationships Every Elementary Schooler Needs

The earlier you gain influence in a child's life, the more equipped you are to influence them later—when it matters even more.   That's one of the best aspects of being a youth leader—you have the incredible opportunity to not only directly impact… Read More

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Laying The Bricks of Moral Foundation

The science of developing an emotional intelligence and moral foundation is complex. But to oversimplify for a minute, from the time a child is born, they must learn to do four things:   Recognize: Name the emotions they feel Manage: Take charge of… Read More

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Make It Fun: Helping Elementary Kids Connect with God

There are three drives that are hardwired in every kid: Wonder Discovery Passion  If you think about those drives as dials you turn to help a kid connect with God, then what if you turn those dials to different volumes for different… Read More

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Connecting The Dots: Helping Your Elementary Schooler Understand Why Easter Matters

Editor’s Note—Because of the coronavirus, Easter will look a little different in 2020. So we’re helping churches and families adjust to this new reality with a newly reimagined Easter Jam resource. You can download this at-home Easter experience for the whole family… Read More

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How to Make Elementary Schoolers Feel Safe and Loved

When a kid turns five, the whole world opens up to him.   He goes to school—a real school! He learns to tie his shoes and write the alphabet, and suddenly has a limitless number of friends.   And the opportunities for fun grow… Read More

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5 Ways to Help Your Preschooler Relate to God

Something funny happens when we’re around preschoolers.   We tend to both underestimate and overestimate them. Have you ever done this?   Maybe you think a four-year-old is too young to make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but expect him to keep… Read More

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Orange Kids Curriculum Additions for Supporting Children with Special Needs

You may have noticed some new files in the August 2019 curriculum downloads. We’re excited to offer more resources to support the children with special needs in your ministry. We know that as you work to reach all families, there often needs… Read More

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3 Tips for Organizing Small Groups

Do you have small group leaders who wouldn't dream of missing time with their kids on Sunday? Seeing those kinds of invested relationships doesn't just happen by slapping a new label on an old volunteer role or even by starting a well… Read More