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The 4 Questions Every Preschooler is Asking

The best way to resolve a preschooler’s relational questions is to consistently embrace the child’s physical needs. Here are 4 ways: Read More

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Family Advent Calendar 2019

Engage the parents in your church and community with this free downloadable Advent calendar. Read More

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5 Crucial Questions for VBS Evaluation Forms for Parents

There's a valuable lesson I learned a few years ago that I think is applicable in just about EVERY area of ministry. (In fact, I would say that there isn't ANY area in or out of ministry that can't apply this principle.)… Read More

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Sticky Faith For Families With Children With Special Needs

Katie Garvert is the Access Ministries Coordinator for Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She shared how her ministry helps family affected by special needs on the Orange Leaders blog. - - - - - - - - - - - - - -… Read More

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Each Parent’s Next Step

You’re an Orange leader. You want to combine the church’s influence with the parents’ influence to fuel faith in the next generation. You partner with parents…or at least that’s the goal, right?   If you’re anything like me when I was a… Read More

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Help Parents Make the Most of their Daily Rhythm

Families naturally settle into a regular rhythm. Very few families need more to do in their average day, but we can help them be more strategic with the natural rhythm they already have.   The Parent Cue Blog is starting a series… Read More

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Connecting With Parents at Prairie Lakes Church

Nick Johnson is the Family Ministry Coordinator at Prairie Lakes Church and shares how they are connecting with parents of the kids in their ministry. Want to share what God is doing in your church? Send your story to - - - - -… Read More

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Help Parents Know Where to Start

Sitting around the table at dinner one night, one of my kids asked a question about baptism. We talked about becoming a Christian and how baptism is a public declaration of your faith. Just then, one of our daughters interrupts the conversation,… Read More