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What’s Next: How to Plan Your Year In Children’s Ministry

Creating a strategy energizes an entire ministry. It gives purpose to every event, every gathering. It centers your ministry around an approach that makes the things that matter most, matter… Read More

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What’s Next: Health and Safety for Your Church’s Kids Ministry

Now or very soon, most churches will be able to worship again in person. When that time comes, it’s so important that you have a clear plan outlined to help… Read More

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3 Ways to Activate Your Preschooler’s Mind This Summer

Summer.   We can’t wait for it to get here—and, by mid-July, we can’t wait for it to be over.   If you have little ones, you know how challenging summer can be. When you’re not on vacation or sending your preschooler to day… Read More


Volunteer Recruiting: 4 Things Your Ministry Volunteers Need to Know

When it comes to recruiting and retaining volunteers, we strive to find the best way to make sure everyone knows the opportunities available to serve. But sometimes it’s not what they know, but what they don’t know that hurts you. Along with… Read More


How to Equip Your Team to Lead Small in a Crisis

New normal. Pivot. Unforeseen circumstances. Unprecedented time. I’ve lost count of the number of terms used to define this season. No matter the terms we use, we can’t do what we’ve always done the way we’ve always done it. This unprecedented time… Read More

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How To Stay Connected To Your Small Group Leaders During COVID-19

Crisis. Pandemic. Global health emergency. These words have changed our reality in a few short months. As ministry leaders, we’re trying to find a new ministry norm. We’re trying to instill hope, truth, and love to the families in our community—all while… Read More

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20 Ways To Digitally Connect With Kids During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Kid ministry leaders have a lot of jobs already—and COVID-19 added one (or five) more. Such as Digital Innovation Expert. Or . . . Director of Zoom Calls. Something like that. That’s why here at Orange, we’ve been having conversations with ministry… Read More