Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Planning to exercise more or stick to your budget better? According to Psychology Today, personal education or development is consistently one of the top ten resolutions in America. Most of us would love to learn more and gain some wisdom, we’re just not sure how or even when.
Our busy schedules seem to get in the way of our resolve most of the time. So, we’ve provided a smorgasbord of training pieces for you to choose from according to what fits best in your schedule.
10 minutes/month – The 252 Preview Video explores how the 252 Basics Bible stories will work together to unpack God’s truth in a way that makes the virtue come to life. The video is available to preview in your download matrix, and it’s also available to purchase in the Orange store so you can show it to your entire volunteer team.
10 minutes/week – 252 Basics Training tab – When you log in to your 252 Basics account, you’ll notice a row of tabs above the latest news. Simply click on the one marked “Training” for a ton of great resources. You can pick and choose from scripted training events, basic “How-to Guides,” lists of supplemental resources, podcasts and videos to help you take 252 Basics to the next level.
20 minutes/week – YouLead Curriculum is an easy, intentional, achievable plan to develop the leadership skills of yourself, your team and your volunteers.
3 amazing days – The Orange Conference is an annual high-energy gathering of 5,000+ cutting-edge church leaders and volunteers called to understand the changes influencing this new generation.
We may not be able to help you shed those unwanted holiday pounds, but, regardless of how much time you have, we can help you grow your ministry and develop your leadership.