While we’re all away at Orange Conference, we thought it might be fun to hear from some of the church leaders who use 252 Basics.  These leaders are also blogging about the conference on their own blogs, so you might want to go check that out.
Jonathan Cliff is the Next Generations Ministry Pastor at Trinity Church in Lubbock, Texas. He leads a fantastic team that’s committed to creating an intentional strategy for reaching the next generations of the church through children’s ministry, student ministry, and college outreach.   Check out his church at www.trinitytoday.com and hear more from Jonathan at www.jonathancliff.com.
Here at Trinity Church we’ve been using 252 Basics for the past eight months; and it’s been quite the experience! We’ve learned to love the Word document formats, so we can tweak, change, and add in what fits our environment and time constraints. Did you catch that? We can change it as we see fit. When I look at the past eight months and how we’ve used 252, that’s what I keep coming back to. It’s A-plus content, and it’s adjustable for exactly what I need. Our church is unique, and 252 gives me the opportunity to take the great materials created by the writers at 252 and make it unique for my church!
Along with the ability to make 252 work perfectly, we’ve also seen a change in how our leaders minister to children. We use 252 to work a small group to large group back to small group format. Using the format, we’ve started seeing life change happen in our small groups. After just a few weeks of using 252, we started hearing from parents, small group leaders, and children, the most amazing stories of answered prayers, remembered Bible verses, and kids talking about what they’ve learned outside of church. Using 252 for small groups has connected the kids with leaders that love them!
Thanks to Orange, 252, and Trinity Church, we’ve seen life change happen in the lives of our kids. All of that adds up to a huge win for everyone!