I don’t know a preschooler around who doesn’t love a pop-up book. They’re so much fun, and also pretty easy to make.

First, fold your cardstock or construction paper in half and make a firm crease. I recommend using cardstock or construction paper as it will hold creases better and provides a bit more durability than just paper.



Next, Cut two slits on the FOLD SIDE of the cardstock/construction paper.



Now, open up the cardstock and tug a little so the small, folded section pulls forward.



Pull that section all the way forward and put a firm crease where the little section hits the larger piece of cardstock.


Do that to both sides and you have your pop-up!



Now fold it down and press hard on all the creases to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. It will look like this.



To add the pop-up image, glue it to the edge of the pop-up section. Like this…


So when it’s closed, and you pull it open, your image becomes a pop-up.


Isn’t that great fun!!!