In June Week One for the twos, they are doing a little finger painting. This is one of those activities that makes total sense to us because we wrote it, but we realized some of you might need a little bit of a visual. So, I played in the paint this morning and am sharing some pictures with you.


First, I gathered all my supplies.

Notice that I didn’t print the labels. I was only making one so I didn’t want to print an entire sheet of labels. If you just have a few children in a class, feel free to just write whatever is on the label on a sheet of paper and tape it to the back. Or, just write on the back.

Also, whenever you are painting paper plates, you want to make sure you have the uncoated kind. That way the paint will stick.



The first step was to fold the paper plates and then place them flat on the table. You may want to do this step before the kids arrive. The goal is to have that subtle line there so they know where to stop and start with each color paint.


Then, I got to painting. Now, I didn’t have finger paint at home. My child is ten, she no longer finger paints. I just used the paint I had. But I did use my fingers so you could see the effect. And, I went over the line because you know the 2-year-olds are going to go over the line.



Finally, I put the “sticker” on the back. I should have written my name back there too. But, I knew whose it was because it was the only one in my house. If I were at church, I’d put my name on it. In fact, you might want to do that before they start painting.