As I have served with and observed children’s workers over the years, I’ve noticed that all the great ones have something in common: they know the families of the children they serve.
They also know that the state of a child’s family greatly impacts that child’s ability to know God. It’s difficult for a child to see God as a loving heavenly Father when his real father is angry, distant, or absent. It’s difficult for a child to be amazed by grace when her mom never gives her dad any.
Bottom line: When a married couple is fighting or at a bad place in their marriage, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to teach their kids about Christ.
If you are a children’s worker, you may be thinking, I agree with what you are saying; I just don’t have the margin to do anything about it. My ministry plate is full!
I understand. Oh, do I understand. But here are a couple of simple but powerful ways to help the little people by helping the big people in their lives.

  1.  Launch a “Date Night” campaign and provide childcare. Oftentimes, couples just need a little fun to draw them together. But not being able to find/afford babysitters keeps them from dating. Remove that excuse. Providing couples with step-by-step dates is also huge!
  2. Be the voice for the kids in your children’s ministry. You don’t have to be the leader of your church’s marriage ministry, but you can be a voice that shouts  the need for your church’s to have a marriage ministry. Go to senior leadership and ask, “What are we going to do to serve marriages this year?” Scary question, I know. But someone who loves kids has to ask it!

I’m biased, but I believe the most important part of your children’s strategy is your marriage strategy. Even if it is a small step, take a step in the direction of helping kids by helping their parents’ marriages.
What is the most powerful thing you have seen a church do to help marriages?