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It’s time to start the countdown to one of the most exciting times of the year . . . VBS! As you unbox your Orange Make Waves VBS starter kit, we’d love to break down exactly what’s inside. We don’t want you to miss any of the useful items packed in this box, so feel free to read through this post or watch the video below to unbox VBS together:



Grab your box, and let’s get ready to make some waves!


How Do I Access My Online Content?

Make Waves VBS is an entirely digital product, and everything is online. Every box has a download card (even if you ordered a USB). On the back of the card has instructions directing you to orangevbs.com/download, and each box has a unique code to access everything.  And we mean everything! Large and small group materials, videos, music, rotations, supply lists . . . it’s all there for you.


What Items are in the Make Waves VBS Box?

As you check out each of the several items in your Make Waves VBS kit, we’ll help you brainstorm ways to use the items to create a memorable experience for everyone.

  • Lanyard – These durable, waterproof lanyards can hang around the necks of leaders and students. The box has one of six colors available to buy for your color teams! They have breakaway straps for safety and will last the entire week.
  • Stickers – Get these new awesome Make Waves VBS stickers for tablets, iPads, water bottles, and any flat surface to remember the fun week!
  • Student bracelets – Bracelets are a super popular item with kids right now, so we decided to make bracelets the student piece. The bracelets come in sets of 5 for the five days of Make Waves VBS. Each day kids can get a different bracelet that represents the Bible story.
  • Music EP – We have two different EPs – one for Preschool and one for Elementary. There are 5-6 songs on each EP, and you can purchase them to give out! In order to make sure our awesome musicians are paid for their work, please refrain from burning the EPs.
  • Button – Small buttons come in sets of six per child and can be collectable items throughout the week! Leaders can pass them out each day to remind students of the bottom line.
  • Tattoo – Let’s be real . . . these affordable giveaways are just plain fun! Our Make Waves VBS-themed tattoos can be worn during parties, celebrations, or given out upon arrival.
  • Shirt – Inside each box is a soft shirt for leaders with the Make Waves logo. Students and leaders will have different shirt colors, so kids can easily find leaders in a crowd.
  • Price list – This has EVERYTHING we offer for your VBS! Posters, murals for your stage, embroidered bucket hats, giant beach balls with the logo, frisbees, fanny packs, backpacks, sunglasses, color changing cups, outdoor banners, and more!
  • Clings – Window clings can stick to hard surfaces like your mirror or bedroom window and will remind kids of the memory verse for the week.

To see more details on these incredible items for Make Waves VBS, click to shop our VBS store! We truly can’t wait to see how your kids learn what they do today can change the world around you.  Grab your Make Waves VBS box today!