Green Cups with words Press Play

It’s time to start the countdown to one of the most exciting times of the year . . . VBS! As you unbox your Orange VBS kit, we’d love to break down exactly what’s inside. We don’t want you to miss any of the useful items packed in this box, so feel free to read through this post or watch this video to unbox VBS together. 

Grab your box, and let’s get in the mix!

First Things First: Where to Get Your Materials 

When you first open the box, you’ll see a personally signed letter with several frequently asked questions and helpful information to help you start off on the right foot. Don’t miss this letter!

To get all of your materials, you need the card located in the lid of the box. Each card has a unique code that you can use to download everything. And we mean everything! Large and small group materials, videos, music, rotations, supply lists . . . it’s all there for you. 

Occasionally, a card might slip out of its pocket, so check around the box if it isn’t in the lid. Once accessing the online code, be sure to begin at the “Start Here” folder. 

What Items Are in the Box?

As you check out each of the items in your VBS kit, we’ll help you brainstorm ways to use the items to create a memorable experience for everyone. 


These durable, waterproof lanyards can hang around the necks of leaders and students. They have breakaway straps for safety and will last the entire week. 


Themed sunglasses are a VBS favorite! These affordable souvenirs come in packs of ten and can be used as prizes, given out to leaders, and worn all week long. 


The various-colored bracelets are adjustable and snap on or off. Many churches use these for color teams and are helpful to quickly identify which team a student belongs to.


These face coverings sell out each year and will be very useful during the pandemic! They’re Press Play: Get in the Mix-themed and can also be used for headbands, sweatbands, or spirit wear. 

Elementary and Preschool Discs

There are two CDs in the box that have songs and music for every part of VBS. Whether it’s entry music, hallway music, or large group worship, these CDs have it all. Music is also available on iTunes and Spotify.


Small buttons come in sets of six per child and can be collectible items throughout the week! Leaders can pass them out each day to remind students of the Bottom Line.

Temporary tattoo

Let’s be real . . . these affordable giveaways are just plain fun! Our VBS-themed tattoos can be worn during parties, celebrations, or given out upon arrival. 


This year’s student piece is a high-quality tin case shaped like a cell phone. The case carries display cards with the Bottom Line on one side and a blank side on the other. Students can write meaningful verses or messages on the blank side after the prompt during prayer time. 


Inside each box is a soft gray shirt for leaders with the Press Play: Get in the Mix logo. Students will have a bright blue shirt, so these separate colors will help kids easily find leaders in a crowd. 

Fanny pack

It’s true, fanny packs are totally in right now! Our VBS fanny packs are a fun teal color and have a zipper on the front and back. They’re great for leaders to hold basic items like first aid kits or hand sanitizer. 

Color-changing cup

Our VBS cups change color and can be used as volunteer gifts filled with candy or gift cards. You could even write kids’ names on the bottom with marker and use them as refillable cups all week.

Color-changing water bottle

These water bottles with a straw cap have been highly requested and are new this year. They change from blue to purple when filled up and are sure to “wow” your volunteers!


Window clings can stick to hard surfaces like your mirror or bedroom window and will remind kids of the Memory Verse for the week.


What a perfect gift for leaders to carry lessons and supplies all week long! Another idea is to use them for virtual VBS. Simply slide the materials into the front pocket and tuck the supplies into the bag, and your virtual kids will be ready to get in the mix!

Add-on USB

If your church prefers a USB rather than an online code to get the materials, you can purchase a starter kit with a USB option. The USB will contain all downloadable items that are on the card with the online code.

To see more details on these incredible items for VBS, click to shop our VBS store! We truly can’t wait to see your church press play on fun this summer. Grab your box at