Friends, Valentine’s Day is almost here.

I KNOW it feels like we just celebrated Christmas, but the season of love is just around the corner.

We here at First Look thought we’d help you out a little bit with your gifts for your volunteers. You are getting a little something for them, right? Just a little, “Hey, we love you and are so appreciative of the time you serve,” type gift. It can easily be a construction paper heart that says just that.


It could be one of these.

V Day FL Printable 2015-3


Aren’t those fabulous!

Each of the printables is four to a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper to maximize the awesome and limit the printing.

You’ll want to print the “helping hands” and “thanks a latte” ones on cardstock, but the third one you’ll want to print on paper.

Helping Hands:
Grab some of those mini hand sanitizers at the fancy store or at the dollar store.
Then, use double sided tape or even loops of packing tape (for bigger bottles) to stick them to the card.

Thanks a Latte:
The next time you’re in your favorite coffee shop (Do you go as much as we do?) purchase some gift cards for your volunteers.
Adhere them to the card using double sided tape.

Happy <3 Day:
Do you know what that’s wrapped around?
A box of heart candies!!
So fun… and not expensive at all.
I got four heart candy boxes for $1 at the dollar store.

Imagine your volunteers feeling the love when you place this in their hands.


V Day FL Printable 2015-2


We’re giving you all three of these amazing printables just because we love you, our awesome partners. 


V Day FL Printable 2015-1


Now, go give your volunteers a little love.


Click here to download these FREE PRINTABLES: FirstLook_Vday_Printables




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