Epic. That’s the only word that describes the sunset I witnessed tonight. You see, my middle school daughter and I are serving on a domestic mission trip at Lighthouse Family Retreat. I guess that you could also say that we’re hoping for an epic experience with that, too.
But I need to be honest with you. I’m a little worried. We are here to serve the families that have a child with cancer, so that they can have a week at the beach and take a break from life for a while. I’ve never known a family in that type of situation. What if I say the wrong thing, or make them feel uncomfortable because I’m acting so nervous? They arrive tomorrow, and I don’t know what to do to shake this anxious feeling.
Then my daughter made a comment to me about our little crab hunting adventure we had at the beach tonight. She said: “The crabs that we found (and released) could only depend on themselves for protection. We always have God to depend on in every situation.” Yep. My daughter gets it. All we need to do is trust God.
So, I took another look at the 252 Bible stories for June, and there it was. My plan that will help me all this week was right there in the Bottom Lines for each week. And, these are things that I can share with these families if the opportunity presents itself.
“I can depend on God because He has a plan for me.”
“I can depend on God because He provides for me.”
“I can depend on God because He is bigger than my problems.”
“I can depend on God because He is bigger than my fears.”
God is bigger than cancer? Yes, He is. And He’s just as big with the little problems too. All you need to do is trust God. You know what? I feel better by just writing this! Now I’m anxious, in a good way, to put any or all of these Bottom Lines into action with these families who really, really need someone to Trust. Next month, I’ll share our experiences while we served here at Lighthouse.